Best Vines December 2013 #1 And 4 Pedestrians Hit

The video above shows a collection of the best vines for the first week of December 2013. The first vine shows a funny impression of Black Friday employees by cutting to a clip from the lion king where the young lion sees a huge stampede headed straight for him. The vine following that shows a pretty cool trick where a guy inhales a bunch of smoke and then blows some bubbles. The bubbles are white because of the smoke that now fills them. The vine after that is pretty hilarious and starts with a girl explaining that the clip shows friends who have your back, no matter what. It then shows a clip of a guy walking with his friends when he almost runs into a pole. He gets mad and starts attacking the pole and his friends both jump in to help him out. Watch the whole video to see the rest.

The video below shows a brutal collision that occurred in Russia. The video starts with the dash cam car approaching an intersection and preparing to make a right turn. The dash cam car slowly enters the intersection and waits for pedestrians crossing in the crosswalk when a car comes speeding through from the opposite direction and crashes through the line of pedestrians striking four of them. Two of the pedestrians are thrown up into the air and out of the view of the dash cam while another two land in the same crosswalk that they were using. A few seconds later a police car is seen approaching the intersection and passes through in order to continue to chase the car that collided with the pedestrians. It was later revealed that the car was stolen and police were already in pursuit when the collision occurred. One 35-year old woman was in serious condition after the accident and the other three had non-life threatening injuries.