Best Vines Collection October 2013

This is a collection of the best vines for the month. The first vine shows a girl trying to sneak up on her dad. She definitely surprises him as he turns around and smacks her in the face. The next vine shows girl trying to show how to take a selfie with her pet, but her pet doesn’t want to cooperate. The next vine shows a pretty cool trick where the guy pours juice onto the table, but instead of splashing everywhere, it magically turns into candy. The vine after that shows a guy imitating his PC by sticking his tongue out and then showing a clip of the PC ejecting the CD/DVD tray. The next vine shows a pretty cool trick where a guy sits on the hand rails of two moving escalators. He sits between the hand rails of the escalators that are moving in opposite directions and the result is that he ends up spinning around in circles as one hand rail tries to pull him up while the other tries to pull him down. Watch the video to see all of the vines for the month.