Best Vines Collection December 2013

The video above shows the best vines for the month of December 2013. The first vine in the series shows a small dog guarding a box of beer. The guy in the video asks the dog for a beer and the dog reacts by growling and showing its teeth. It appears as though the dog is really protective of its beer and doesn’t want to share. The next vine in the series shows a quick clip that looks like it’s from a high school basketball game. After grabbing the rebound, the player throws an outlet pass that is off the mark and looks like it’s going out of bounds. One of the the player’s teammates races after the ball and manages to save it by throwing it back inbounds behind his back. Not only does the ball stay inbounds, but it goes into the basket for three points. The vine following that shows a clip from the lion king that makes an analogy to what employees on Black Friday feel like when the doors open for all of the sales and all of the crazy shoppers come storming into the store. The vine after that shows an example of what happens when a guy gives his girlfriend his cell phone to take a picture of himself. The girl pretends like the phone is frozen in order to give herself some time to look through his messages. Watch the video to see the rest of the vines.