100 Best Vines Of 2013

The video above shows the best vines of 2013. The first vine in the series shows two cats at the top of a ladder. One of the cats tries to make its way down the ladder by carefully stepping down. Just when it looks like the cat is able to safely step down to the next step on the ladder, the cat that is sitting at the top uses its paw and pushes the other cat off of the ladder. The vine after that shows a very cool gymnastics trick where a guy is standing behind a girl and they both fall backwards simultaneously. As the pair begin to fall back, the guy kicks out his legs which causes the girl to flip in the air as she is falling backwards. Amazingly, as the guy rolls down on his back, he sticks up his legs and is able to catch and suspend the girl above him with his feet. The expression on the girl’s face shows that she is surprised that the trick worked. The vine following that shows a small dog chasing after a big red ball. When the dog catches up to the ball, it tries to jump on it, and is launched into the air flipping multiple times. When the dog lands, it stumbles back to its feet and turns its attention back to the ball, but this time it hits the ball head on instead of jumping on it. Watch the video to see the rest.